Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor Kaffir Produce Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor

Kaffir Leaves and Limes

from Colonial Growers

Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor Kaffir Produce Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor

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Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor Kaffir Produce Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor

Boost Your Cooking with Our Kaffir Limes and Leaves


Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor Kaffir Produce Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor

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Specialist Distributors of Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves, Kaffir Fruit and Kaffir Plants





Colonial Growers is one of the few suppliers in the UK of Kaffir Limes, Kaffir Lime Leaves and Plants 

Colonial Grower nursery in Essex, UK growing bergamot plants

Our growing facility

Our lovely fresh kaffir lime leaves are grown both in the UK and by our business partners in Portugal which allows us to offer leaves for the full 12 months of the year


Fresh kaffir lime leaves for UK and Europe

Our products 

We have been supplying supermarkets and wholesale fruit and vegetable merchants in the London Covent Garden and Spitalfields markets and merchants in other parts of the UK with fresh lime leaves on a weekly basis for the last 10 years and have seen the demand increase each year. The leaves arrive at their destination  within 2 days, thus ensuring product arrives in perfect condition. 

We offer kaffir lime leaves, kaffir fruit, and live plants!

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kaffir lime grown in the United Kingdom

Our freshness 

We are one of the very few distributors of kaffir lime leaves in the UK.

We are confident that our products are the freshest available anywhere.




About the Humble Kaffir Lime

Known as Citrus hystrix botanically, the kaffir lime is of the subgenus Rutaceae, which contains the citrus family. Fruit of this species are known for their intensely aromatic leaves and bark and inedible fruits. Citronellol and limonene are the primary volatile oils responsible for the aroma and many beneficial properties of the plant. The Kaffir tree is native to South Asia. They grow to a height of 3 to 6 meters, given the good conditions, but grow in pots as well. Kaffir lime leaves are evergreen, double lobed and can bloom any time of the year when are properly cared for. The flowers are small, white and self-fertilizing and they tend to grow in clusters. The kaffir fruit is about the size of common limes or slightly smaller and has a very bitter and aromatic taste. They are not recommended for eating fresh, but fresh leaves, zest and juice are all culinarily involved in curries of the season, stir-fries and soups, to treat medicinal cough or digestive problems, and cosmetically for hair and skin health.

 fresh leaf combava by the colonial producers.  We also provide combava.



Kaffir Lime Names Around the Wor ld



  • English: Papeda or Thai Lime 
  • Spanish: Hojas de Lima Cafre
  • Thai: Makrut or Magrood



  • Vietnamese: Trúc 
  • Lao: Kok Mak Khi Hout
  • Khmer: Kraunch Soeuth 
  • Burma: Shauk-nu




  • Malaysia: Daun Limau Purut
  • Indonesia: Daun Jeruk Purut 
  • Tamil: Nardanga                            


Suggestions for using Kaffir fruits and leaves


  • Cut the leaves into thin strips add to stir-fries, put inside spring rolls, seasonal salad dressings or add citrus zing to fried rice.
  • Bruise leaves and bake in curries, sauces, soups and stews.
  • Bruised leaves of bergamot can also be used in mixology to impart an exotic, lemony aroma to alcoholic cocktails.
  • Grate zest of kaffir lime in fish cakes or sweets such as Thai style coconut rice, sorbets or puddings.
  • Crush pasta rinds to add authentic curry flavor.
  • Add kaffir lemon juice to smoothies, deserts and soups.

 thai soup seasoned with lime leaves of bergamot and kaffir

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  • Mix whole kabava, clean with resulting dough spring water and use on problem skin plates. You can also use this paste as a cleansing and toning hair shampoo that is said to slow down baldness and promote hair growth.
  • Chew on damaged leaves or rub directly on the gums to promote gum and overall oral health.
  • Make a kaffir lime tea with kaffir leaves and honey to taste to aid digestion and detoxify the body.
  • Use the diluted essential oil from the fruit to repel biting insects, massage into the scalp to reduce migraine headaches and pain, and add to homemade toothpastes for anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects. oxidant.

 combava preparation leaves for medical use

 bergamot fruit slices for a spa


  • Massage lemon juice kaffir into the skin to moisturize, neutralize free radicals and reduce the appearance of scars.
  • Use essential oils distilled from kaffir lime at the perfume baths, mix in homemade deodorants and body sprays, and add to lotions and creams. 



 kabava fruit peel or bark for the essential oil


  • Mix the kaffir lemon juice with vinegar and water and mix well in a spray bottle to use as a general surface cleaner around the house.
  • Add the essential oil in unscented laundry detergent for wonderfully clean odorous clothes.



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 combava cut in half by colonial producers based in the United Kingdom

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