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Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor Kaffir Produce Kaffir Lime Plants

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Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor Kaffir Produce Kaffir Lime Plants

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Kaffir Lime Grower and Distributor Kaffir Produce Kaffir Lime Plants

Mature Yuzu Plants For Sale *

* Our yuzu plants are only available to UK customers due to shipping difficulties

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Yuzu Plants for Sale

*We no longer ship outside the UK due to shipping difficulties. Our yuzu plants are only available to UK customers. We apologise for the inconvenience.*



Yuzu plants for sale in the UK

Versatile Yuzu Plants Now for Sale!

The yuzu is a citrus fruit of Chinese origin grown in Japan and Korea for its fruit. It is a wild plant (thorny with a few well differentiated cultivars) typically Asian. It started being cultivated for local use in consumer goods as late as 1960. Yuzu flower in April, green fruit can be harvested in August and September and are used for their zest finely grated with a ginger grater (excellent on scrambled eggs). The fruit turns yellow with cool nights, supple and juicy: the optimum time for juice is from October 8th to 30th. Yuzu juice is used as lemon juice but is less acidic and has a pleasant fruity taste (especially good on mushrooms, grilled fish or meat and of course mixed with soy sauce to make ponzu). The fruit can be stored refrigerated until Christmas. The first fresh Mediterranean lemons are available in December. Yuzu are much earlier than lemons and later than Mediterranean limes. Yuzu being less acidic than lemons, do not keep for as long and are harder to transport. The grated peel of the fruit is widely used in the same way as aromatic herbs. It is surprisingly refreshing in gin. The many pips are used either in cosmetics (infused in water to make a lotion) or can be planted after rinsing or left to sprout. The young shoots from these seeds can be harvested when they are 6-8 cm tall and used as parsley. In Japan and Korea yuzu is mostly grown on the coast. It likes a moderate climate, the temperature for its optimal development is 23 Celsius. They do not like lasting cold nor strong winds.



Yuzu Trees Available


Mature Plant - £37.50





Plants sent by courier (+ £10.00), delivered next working day

Next day courier charge covers: ENGLAND, WALES AND SCOTTISH LOWLANDS ONLY

Please call for rates before placing your order if you live in: NORTHERN IRELAND, SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, ISLE of MAN, ISLE of WIGHT and the CHANNEL ISLANDS 

UK customers only. Apologies for any inconvenience.




Yuzu Plant Care and Maintenance

Yuzu Plant for sale in the UK by Colonial Growers

Growing in Pots

The soil should be light and drain well, you can add clay pellets to the potting soil. Yuzu are trees: adapt the size of the pot to the growth of the tree. Your yuzu tree can winter over in the house in a temperate and light but not heated place. Keep the soil moist but not too wet. There will be no new growth during the short days from December to February. You can put your yuzu outdoors for the rest of the year in a sunny spot protected from the wind or next to a window.

Growing in Your Garden

Choose a place well protected from the wind, a wall facing south is ideal, plant your yuzu 40 cm from the wall. Protect your tree from the cold in the winter during the short days with a wintering cloth. Do not plant in an indentation but on a small mound (the roots like a well drained soil). Water at the outside limit of the canopy in dry weather.


Secrets to Yuzu Fructification

Yuzu fruit only on their horizontal branches, so you can help by guiding 2 horizontal branches on bamboo stakes. This is the only way to quickly get beautiful and accessible fruit. Remove the excess vegetation at the base of the trunk and on the horizontal branches, and be sure there is air passage, the fruit branches should get lots of sunlight. Over time you can extend the horizontal branches up to several meters, or make several different horizontal levels every 75 cm. Regularly remove thorns.


Like all citrus, yuzu are greedy plants: fertilise during the growing season (late March to late October) and every 4 days in the summer.

Thinning Fruit

Often you will see fruit growing very close together. Remove some of the fruit when they're green in August(excellent zest and juice) and leave a single fruit every 10 cm for the harvest when yellow in October / November.


Yuzu plants for sale in the UK Colonial Growers


Have questions about your yuzu plant?

We are happy to answer any questions, whether about the ordering process or about taking care of your new Colonial Growers' yuzu tree. We pride ourselves on our service both before and after sales. Click the following link for kaffir lime leaves, fruits or plants.


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